• Jeni

8 best African print dress online places to shop 2022

Updated: Jan 16

In this article I will give you 8 of my top tips for the best African print dress online shops currently putting Africa on the map!

There has been an influx of African print designers but how do you know which ones you can trust with your hard earned money!

There was a time when the only place offering these African print dresses where market stalls offering some pretty badly made pieces which often had frayed edges and made with a very bad fitting patterns and I dreamed of finally finding pieces that would reflect the stylish me that didn't involve me wasting money and time after endlessly getting my fabrics destroyed by seamstress and tailors who just didn't get it and now thanks to the new movers and shakers breathing life to this fabulous fabric, there are now exciting African print dresses out there for everyone!

Here are some of my 7 best tips for shops that go that little bit extra and worth giving a try.

1. Sosome shop